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Cage Free Farm Fresh Eggs from MGM Orchard

Why MGM Pastured Free-Range Farm Fresh Eggs?
• MGM Chickens are Free to Roam Inside and Outside
• MGM Chickens have No Animal By-Products, Antibiotics, or Hormones Fed
• We offer Fresh EggsNutritionally Rich in Omega-3 from Hens raised the old-fashioned way
• MGM Eggs Come in Assorted Sizes and Colors
• Farm Fresh Eggs have more flavor and more nutrients
• MGM Eggs have 1/3 less cholesterol and 1/4 less saturated fat
• MGM Eggs have 3 to 6 times more Vitamin D compared to supermarket eggs
• MGM Eggs have more Vitamin A and Vitamin E and Beta Carotene

MGM Orchard is licensed in the State of Illinois to handle and sell eggs