MGM Hay Delight

MGM Paso Finos LLC  and the MGM Family Orchard offers for sale our very own special hay mixture, “MGM Hay Delight.”

Good hay should be the foundation of every horse diet. The quality of that hay, the composition of the hay, and the way the hay is delivered to the horse are all fundamental for good horse feeding.

The value of hay is based on the composition of nutrients in the hay rather than the hay’s appearance. The closer the nutrient composition of the hay matches the requirements of the horse being fed, the fewer supplements will be needed and the more economical the total ration. MGM provides only the best quality of hay for our horses, and can provide that same quality for your horses too.

MGM Hay Delight is available in 50lb to 75lbs. small square bales with a variety of mixtures (solid grass to grass / alfalfa mixtures). Each cutting is hay tested and care is taken so that each cutting is maximized and not rained on. Our bales are stored on-site and in a fully covered and enclosed barn. Pick-up is preferred but delivery is available. Prices vary and depend on mixture, date of cut, quantity, and availability. Download our MGM Hay Delight postcard by clicking here.

Currently over 50 acres of MGM Hay Delight is planted and currently being harvested at our facility. To view our hay analysis reports visit

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